This flour is perfect for preparing pet food and fish feed. Contains a good balance of amino acids, micronutrients and lipids, which are good for animal health. Our versatile insect flour enables the preparation of a balanced healthy feed and fully supports a sustainable food system.

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Our dried mealworms are very good and convenient to use as a delicacy for various animals, whose natural food supply includes insects. Live mealworms make your pets (reptiles, amphibians, hedgehogs) and poultry healthier and happier. This valuable food source offers excitement and satisfaction to their meals.

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This organic fertilizer can be more useful than we think. The only organic fertilizer for all occasions, both in the garden and in the field. Plants use this easily absorbed fertilizer according to their needs to get enough of the right nutrients.

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Insect oil, which offers new functional possibilities, is an excellent component in the production of animal, fish and pet feed.

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