Live mealworms

Package size: 70g

Nutritional values:

Protein:50 %
Fat: 27 %
Fibger:4 %
Ashes: 4 %


180,00 170,00


Usage instructions:

Mealworm are well-suited as treats and feed for reptiles, amphibians, and insectivorous small animals kept in a terrarium. Give mealworms to reptiles that need protein rich food for example after laying eggs or hibernating or that have refused food for a longer period of time.

Due to their crunchy shell, mealworms make great bait for fishermen. Larger fish such as trout like the crunchiness and it provides for a more pleasurable fishing experience as smaller fish will not be able to quickly snatch the bait right off the hook.


Store in a cool place (refrigerator).

Insect manure is organic fertilizer obtained by way of green production, perfect for improving the
yield and resilience of plants in organic farming (in adherence to Council Regulation (EC) No.
834/2007 and Commission Regulation No. 889/2008).

Insect manure is unique due to its chitin content that enhances the condition of the soil and
increases abundance of beneficial soil organisms. Chitin is decomposed in the process of mutual
nutrient uptake process which incorporates different beneficial bacteria, microorganisms, fungi, and
plants. As a result of this co-operation, bioactive substances, amino acids, and sugars form in the soil
ready for plants to uptake. Use of insect manure promotes greater plant yield and improves plants’
resistance to disease and pests.

This fertilizer with a fine structure that contains a good selection of beneficial nutrients, bacteria,
fungi, and chitin can be sparingly used with all plants in any growth stage.

The bacteria that inhabit the soil break down organic matter contained in the fertilizer, consistently
improving soil structure and quality and speeding up the compostization process of plant parts. Soil
bacteria and fungi also preserve nutrients in the soil which would otherwise be washed out of the
soil with precipitation or irrigation water.

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