Fish Farming

Aquaculture is a growing business, people are eating more fish than ever these days. Global fish consumption is now more than twice what it was in the 1960s, it`s around 20 kilograms, per capita. Aquaculture today supplies over 53 percent of the world’s fish production, that means people are eating more farmed fish than wild-caught fish the reason of that is the fish is an excellent alternative in a healthy diet. Fish meal has become a very limited resource wich prices have incresing in the last 13 years. As fish farmers want to crow the fish as quickly and as healthily as possible it is needed high quality sustainable feed.

Bugimine insect based feed components providing nutritious feed with high concentration of protein and amino acids. Our insect based feed components meet premium quality standards as insects are grown in specialized farming lines under strictly controlled conditions. Insects provide an alternative and more sustainable source of animal protein, because insects are masters in converting material into valuable protein in efficient way.

Bird Farming

More and more people are turning to eat more bird meat compared to beef and pork. Bird meat is considered “lean” and healthy as it contains about 6 times less fat. Rapid increase in consumption of poultyry and eggs is incresing demand for high nutrient and quality feed comonents,

Today fish based components are still used quite exensively in poultry diets, but it is not sustainable in long run as fish sources are rapidly depleting and production is seasonal.

As birds are evolutionary adapted to eat insects and its natural part of their menu, our products are the best natural source for feed.

Pets & Aquarium, Hobby Fishing

You can replace a earthworms with a mealworms when fishing. Ours products are especially good for omnivores like fish like carp, good for a catch in any day. No more digging up the earth to find the last earthworms around

Natural Fertiliser

Sustainable insect manure is a 100% natural fertiliser that includes nutrients the plants can well obtain and metabolise.

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