Bugimine stands for Bug-Mining, which is our specialty and expertise – growing nutrient rich insects for proteins and other elements. As the word Bugmine sounds very similar to the Estonian word “pugimine” which in slang stands for “eating”, we would like to believe that “bugimine” becomes soon a synonym for eating insect based food.

Our company is among the pioneers of the modern insect industry working on sustainable, green and natural food and feed for all. Our vision – “Feed the Future” speaks for itself as we truly believe that in in rapidly growing density of human population, where production of food becomes increasingly demanding, it is vital to look at sustainability of everything in what we do. It is a simple fact that consumption of beef, pork, poultry and fish has doubled since 1960. It is also known that a single cow, steer or bull is producing more carbon dioxide (CO2) per year than a Ferrari *. That is a closed circle, which we can break by introducing insect based food and feed components which are several times more environmentally friendly to produce and at the same time all natural and protein rich.

Already today insect based protein is used to feed agriculture and aquaculture sector supplying our vital food chains. This is green production method is sustainable, production does not depend on external factors, like climate and quality of the feed can we assured.

As insects are among the most natural sources of nutrient rich foods, we also believe that human adoption of this nutrient is going to grow fast during the next 3-5 years. In some markets insect based food ingredients and products are already adopted for human consumption. Currently also European legislation and standards are being established, so soon we will see many related products in our markets as well.

Bugimine is a wholly owned Estonian company established in 2017. Our mission “Feed the future” is to provide all natural, high quality and environmentally sustainable insect based protein and food components for all.

Bugimine belongs to same group with Winsect OÜ, which was the first company in Estonia to start working on insect growing programme already in 2015. Within this group we have methods and controlled quality proven by experience in growing insects and supplying related products.

* gas-emissions- from-livestock

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