Bugimine OÜ’s name is derived from the phrase “bug mining”. For us, bug mining means cultivation of nutritious insects for the purpose of harvesting protein, oil, and other beneficial substances. Also, the Estonian derivate “bugimine” sounds very similar to “pugimine”, an Estonian word that means “stuffing yourself [with food]”, a well-suited synonym to denote insect based foodstuffs and eating.

Having commenced our operations and relevant preliminary studies in 2015, our company is among the pioneers of contemporary insect industry in the Baltic states and across Europe. Our principal area of activity involves development and manufacture of sustainable insect based green and natural food and feedstuffs and corresponding ingredients. “We feed the future” – this is our vision in words that refers to the increasingly greater requirements in the global society as pertaining to sustainable production and premium quality protein as related to fish, bird and livestock farming as well as human food. As the number of people in the world is increasing rapidly and existing agricultural and animal husbandry related means are unable to provide food for all the people in a sustainable manner in the long run, it is of vital importance to figure out ways to resolve the situation.

It is a commonly known fact that beef, pork, poultry, and fish consumption has gone up multifold since 1960. It is also known that one cow or bull produces more carbon dioxide (CO2) in a year than a Ferrari*. This constitutes a vicious circle that can be broken by developing insect based ingredients for food and feedingstuffs – this method is much more environmentally friendly and said ingredients are natural and rich in protein.

Insect based protein is already used in a number of vitally important food chains mainly in the aquaculture sector and agriculture. Manufacture of insect based ingredients is exceedingly environmentally friendly and ensures high quality protein content in the final product. As external factors such as changing weather conditions have no effect here, a stabile supply chain can be guaranteed for
relevant products.

Insects have been part of natural nutritious nutrients consumed by humans for thousands of years and are widely used today in Asian countries and South- America. Furthermore, the contemporary Western society at large has come to realize the value and positive future outlooks of insect based food. In a number of European markets, including for example Finland, Denmark, and Germany, among others, insect based ingredients and products are now used in baby food. Furthermore, development of pan European laws and standards for use of insects as human food is actively ongoing and relevant products will be widely featured in European markets elsewhere in the very near future.

Bugimine OÜ is an Estonian company founded based on private capital in 2017. Our objective is to offer natural, premium quality, and environmentally friendly insect based protein products, oil, and other ingredients.

Bugimine OÜ is in the same group with Winsect OÜ, the first company in Estonia to start insect farming and related development work in 2015. Bugimine OÜ and Winsect OÜ work together to ensure efficient and sustainable insect farming processes as well as manufacture of ingredients for foodstuffs and development of final products.

* https://knoema.com/infographics/maodxhb/global-greenhouse- gas-emissions- from-livestock

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